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Diamond CBD Crystals Dabs

Diamond is one of the largest CBD companies in the world. Their line of edibles, e-juices, creams, and pet treats have earned them a stellar reputation in the CBD community.

The addition of an all-new line of crystal dabs gives you an even better and more effective way to consume CBD. Available in a variety of strengths from an affordable 250mg to an insane (and insanely expensive) 10,000 mg, these crystal dabs will give you the full benefits of CBD. If you have the budget to afford it, that 10,000mg package of crystal dabs will give you the maximum benefit of CBD no matter what condition you’re trying to treat.

diamond cbd product line
Diamond CBD Crystals Dabs
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CBDfx Concentrated Wax Dabs

CBDfx is mostly known for their line of CBD-infused vape juice. They’ve brought the expertise that they’ve honed over years of manufacturing some of the highest-quality CBD imaginable over to the the world of dabbing with their brand new concentrated wax dabs.

Each package contains one gram of wax infused with 300mg of full-spectrum CBD sourced from Europe and manufactured in the USA. These dabs are GMO-free and manufactured using supercritical CO2 extraction, ensuring that you’re getting the best quality CBD for your money.

cbdfx wax dabs
CBDfx concentrated wax dabs.

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What are CBD dabs?

Dabs are the solidified form of pure CBD oil concentrate. Dabs are most commonly made out of a waxy-oil or solid crystals that you can scoop out and place into a wax vaporizer or e-nail.

A lot of people prefer using CBD dabs instead of vape oil because of how highly concentrated it is. Just one or two hits off an eRig with a small dab of wax on the nail will give you a huge amount of CBD in a short period of time. Vaping with CBD juice doesn’t even come close.

Which vape should I buy to start dabbing?

While you can definitely use a small, portable wax pen (like the one offered by CBDfx) to enjoy your dabs, we feel like it won’t give you the full experience. If you want to feel the full effects of your dabs, you’ll need to use an e-nail. E-nails are designed to heat your dab up to a high temperature in a short amount of time, which helps to unlock the full benefits of CBD.

We recommend buying your Rig from Dabado. They’re based out of Colorado and have tons of experience manufacturing high-end e-nails that are popular with dabbers all around the world.

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