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Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Tank Cartridge – Our Favorite

Hemp Bombs is one of the most popular CBD companies amongst VaporVanity readers, and for good reason. Their wide range of products (including CBD oil, edibles, e-liquid additive, and high-strength CBD oil). 

Hemp Bombs cartridges are filled to the brim with their award-winning, delicious flavors. These cartridges are available in the following concentrations: 125mg, 300mg, and an astounding 1000mg.

They feature a durable, break-resistance glass construction; 510 threading; and 4x .9mm holes. With these cartridges, vaping CBD is as simple as screwing one into your favorite 510-treaded vaporizer.

Hemp Bombs CBD Cartridge
Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Tank Cartridge
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Koi Naturals CBD Cartridge

Koi has long been one of the most reputable CBD manufacturers. Their CBD oil and other products are all made out of the highest quality CBD available.

Koi has recently started offering a pre-filled, 510-threaded cartridge filled with their wildly popular Naturals line of CBD juice. Koi Naturals is made with the taste of natural hemp oil and is completely organic and free of any artificial additives. If you’re serious about your health and want to vape as naturally as possible, these pre-filled cartridges are perfect for you.

Koi Naturals CBD cartridge
Koi Naturals CBD Cartridge
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Diamond CBD Full-Spectrum Vape Tank

The Diamond CBD Full-Spectrum Vape Tank is a ready-to-use cartridge that screws into your favorite 510-threaded vaporizer.

The Diamond CBD cartridge stands out from the competition because it features full-spectrum CBD as opposed to the CBD isolate that is common in most other brands. Full-spectrum CBD is beneficial because it includes most other cannabinoids instead of just pure CBD.

Diamond CBD Full Spectrum Vape Tank
Diamond CBD Full Spectrum Vape Tank
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What are the benefits of using a pre-filled CBD cartridge?

CBD cartridges make vaping CBD as easy as humanly possible. If you already have a 510-threaded vape battery that you enjoy using, then just screw one of these cartridges in and you’re good to go.

CBD oil is expensive. There’s nothing worse than accidentally spilling some of it when filling up your vape tank. Since these cartridges are already pre-filled, there’s no possibility of spilling and wasting some of your e-liquid. Once you’re done vaping, just throw away the cartridge. Easy as that.

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